Welcome to Bar M7 Saloon
    The Bar M 7 Saloon is a private establishment located on the Skyline Ranch in SW Alberta, west of Claresholm in the beautiful Porcupine Hills. This Saloon was renovated from a wrangler shack that was over 100 years old and now has become a living Beer commercial. This private saloon has legendary events annually and can be rented for company BBQ' s, weddings and more.
    Filled with Rodeo photographs and memories, this Saloon is dedicated to all the many friends I have made in my career on the rodeo trail. Forever dedicated to preserving the western spirit, the Bar M7 is our cattle brand. The Bar M7 Saloon also has a unique gift store where you can buy classic gifts and Skyline Ranch wear.
    The Saloon is a private faction of the Skyline Ranch and we have a lot of fun with it. It is on private ranch land and can be viewed by APPOINTMENT ONLY, and is not open to the public to ensure privacy for ranch guests. To see more about the Skyline Ranch and western Adventures we provide click on the below "Back at the Ranch" link. The Saloon is something we have a lot of fun with on the Ranch and is like no other in the world.

The Saloon and her surroundings

The Bar M7 Saloon host some of the greatest functions every year. We keep the west wild...that is for sure.

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