The Ranch
    The ranch is a truly remarkable landscape with steep hills, lush forests, open meadows and an abundance of natural fresh water springs. The ranch is home to our cattle, horses and an large variety of natural wildlife. In one afternoon, one guest counted 46 species of birds before lunch. Mule deer, elk and many other animals are seen daily throughout the land during a ride on a horse.
    Thousands of years ago the Porcupine Hills had never been touched by glaciers so sandstone is the only formation you will find. Ancient spruce tress look over a landscape which has not and will not change. Native people camped in these hills and hunted the buffalo. At the southern end of Porcupine Hills is the famous world Heritage site, 'Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump'. It is a cliff that natives used to stampede buffalo over, and it has been dated thousands of years old. See other nearby attractions.
    Our cattle are healthy, and we are proud to raise quality beef. There are thousands of acres of land within our ranch for our cattle and horses to roam.
skyline ranch valley
ranch cattle
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