Skyline Ranching Rates & Packages
    We offer an assortment of classic riding packages. The choice of exploring the thousands of acres right here at the ranch with our surrounding forestry, or for our more experienced riders, we venture further west into the mountains. We have over 30 years experience and have had rave reviews from people around the world.
Groups of 2 - 10 people are ideal to ensure your quality experience. We also have special instruction available on western riding, basic roping, the use of packhorses and more.

Western Riding Instruction Our most popular ride is the 2 hour special at $65 per person . Includes lessons in the corral and a ride on the ranch and surrounding forestry in the Porcupine Hills.
Complete Day Package Complete day package at ranch, up to 6 hours (includes lunch) $150/person
Mountain Day Ride Oldman River. Bob Creek Wildlands and Livingston Range. Includes lunch and approximately 6 hours of riding at the ranch and through the forestry. $200/person. Note - Following packages are complete Day Packages 2PM day of arrival - 2PM day of departure.
Mountain Rides and Pack Trips Ranch Weekend 2 complete days and nights. Accomodation, meals, ranch activities $495/person
Holiday Weekend - 3 complete days. Accomodation, meals, ranch activities $695/person
Holiday Weekend - 4 complete days. Accomodation, meals, ranch activities $895/person
Week Package - All inclusive
$1295/person for 7 full days.
Visiting local attractions - Bob Creek Wild Lands, Black Creek Rangelands and the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.
Ranch Mountain Combo 13 full days Ranch $2495/per person.
2 weeks Ranch Mountain Combination $2695/per person.
Roundup 3 Full days $649/per person
Special 7 Full days $1349/per person
(Cattle roundup, sorting, branding and evening campfire and party.)
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